"I just want to say thanks for a great cup of coffee every morning. I visited AK in August for the first time and purchased a bag of Satin to take home with me. I only drink the one cup every morning (I load my Keurig with it) - but it is just as wonderful and smooth as the coffee that I had in Honduras that knocked my socks off. Thanks for making my day each and every morning."
- Lela M, Crozet, VA


"I absolutely can't drink other brands after being spoiled by your phenomenal coffee. Thank you."
- Shelah S. Maplewood, MN


"I tasted your coffee at the craft fair in Manchester VT and just had to buy some. I'm running low and need my refill. Absolutely wonderful coffee, I wish it were available in our local stores!"
- Lisa K, NY


"Just wanted to let you know that I have been using your coffee (The YAK) in my chocolate cake recipes and it sends my cakes over the TOP. Everyone loves them, but i wont give away my secret ingredient. If I knew cakes would make it to you all i would send some up. Have a super day!"
- Jayne


"I bought the Outhouse blend a couple weeks ago for a Moose hunt out of Tok. We made it cup by cup every morning with an Aeropress. Absolutely one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had. Thanks so much!!"
- Chad H., Scottsdale AZ


"I have been North, South, East, and I've been West... YOU GUYS HAVE THE BEST COFFEE I HAVE EVER HAD! WELL DONE. AND THANK YOU!!"
- J Shull, OK


"Precious package arrived safely. Caught the delivery person taking deep breaths of contents. Left pantry door ajar...using new blends to scent the air. Thanks!"
- J.W., Carson City


"We were given a 12 oz bag of this great coffee for our anniversary, at the Saturday market... You do the best coffee making I have ever seen or tasted, Thank you!"
- R.M., Alaska


"My crew gives me a hard time when the package arrives smelling of coffee and has a label saying “outhouse blend” but they sure drink a lot more than they did when we bought coffee at Costco!"
- B.V., Watertown, SD


"I truly think your white coffee is great for pain. My husband's knee stopped hurting. I told him it was the white coffee. He stopped drinking it and his pain came back after a month. He started drinking it again and is not limping. You are truly a business that cares about your service!"
- Tonya


"I have not found any coffee to even come close to yours since leaving Alaska. Keep up the good work!!"
- M.E., Sheridan, WY


"I am from Minnesota originally and enjoy your coffee. Having your coffee up here in Kotzebue, AK is a comfort I'm glad I don't have to go without!"
- C., Kotzebue, Alaska


"Our daughter bought us a 12 oz bag of your Outhouse Blend and we fell in love with your coffee! No more Folgers at our home. We know what we love, and your coffee is it. Can't wait to try the other blends. THANK YOU ALL who are involved!!"
- H.F., Sparks, Nevada


"I bought some of your coffee at Raven Hall this past weekend. It is excellent!!!"
- P, Palmer, Alaska


"Man I love your coffee! I work summers in Talkeetna, and we sell your coffee at the shop I work in... this is the best. Thanks!"
- PO, Kittery, Maine


"We are loving your coffee, still wishing it was in Juneau."
- DR, Juneau, Alaska


"Lovin' the Fog Riser!"
- RG, Davis, California


"We've been addicted to this stuff for going on 4 yrs! Keep up the great work!"
- KO, Frederick, Maryland


"Best coffee this side of the Mississippi. Oh, and the other side too!"
- WM, Eagle Mountain, Utah